Boat fender rubber

Rubber aircraft tires work excellently as boat fenders and dock bumpers. The benefits of aircraft tires are very clear:

  • Exceptionally strong and durable. Aircraft tires are structurally the best designed tires in the world. For example, an aircraft tire lasts on average 10 times longer than a truck or car tire.
  • There is no steel in the tires, which ensures they will not rust in (salt) water.
  • The side of the tires are made up of multiple layers, making them stronger if a boats hits them and near impossible to damage.

We can also supply tires with pre-drilled holes if required.

These sizes are available from stock:

  • H40x14.5-19
  • H44.5x16.5-21
  • H46x18.0-20
  • H49x19.0-22
  • H27x7.75-15
  • H54x21.0-24
  • ...

Agrityre can offer you these tires in 2 versions:

  • The ‘Bias’ tires: the strongest of all tires and thus the strongest of both types.
  • The ‘Radial’ tires: slightly more suppler than the Bias tires, but still super strong. In terms of price/quality, this tire is an excellent choice.

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